Breaking into an ePolicy 3.6 or ProtectionPilot Server - For Fun and Profit

Hypothetical situation: You need to assume control of antivirus services for a legitimate business reason. What do?

Here's the easy way. No support request needed, and nothing destructive is going on.

  1. Install SQL Express Management Studio, connect to the local SQL server, usually "SERVER\SQLEXPRESS"
  2. Drill down to your "ePO_SERVER" database, go into Tables, and scroll down to UserTable. Right-click on it and go to "Open Table".

Nerdymark's Timelapse Machine - Raspberry Pi

My Timelapse Machine - Raspberry Pi Build Log

First, some basic things... I'm assuming you know your way around a Linux box. This won't be too detailed, but if you get stuck, leave a comment and I'll do my best to help. I'm sure there's a lot of improvement we can make on the actual /etc/motion.conf file. If you have a particular configuration you like, please share!


auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet static


The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'Win7DiskUtilizationDrilldownReport', database 'OperationsManagerDW' ...

System Center consultant here. I'm in a lot of environments. Came across this today while running a report for Windows 7 Logical Disk details:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'Win7DiskUtilizationDrilldownReport', database 'OperationsManagerDW', schema 'dbo'.

Update to SCOM 2007 R2 CU6:

Don't waste any time trying to fix this via SQL. I've tried. The problem is deeper than that, and the hotfix installer takes care of it all.

Batch File to Map a Network Drive based on your Default Gateway

My laptop spends equal time in the office as it does at home. I have a large music collection that I keep synchronized between the two. I needed a way to automatically mount the appropriate share based on my location. Here's the script. Please take it and use it in your environment.

@Set title=Music Mounter!
@(color 60) & (@Title %title%)
net use m: /delete /y
::# Define a temp variable 'DefaultGateway'
@For /f "tokens=3" %%* in (
   'route.exe print ^|findstr "\"'
   ) Do @Set "DefaultGatewayNHQ=%%*"
::# Define a temp variable 'DefaultGateway'

Oakland PD sides with the 1%

Oakland PD is about to learn a very tough lesson. They are outnumbered, and they are on the wrong side. It's going to be very easy to overpower, disarm, and detain them. A mass citizens arrest of these shameful "public servants" will send a clear message to the ruling class.

The blowback from their recent conflicts with protesters will bankrupt the city, as they will be awash in civil and criminal lawsuits.

Using permits as justification for removal of protesters not justifiable, and is in violation of our constitution. You are not free to speak if you must first request permission.

Many will decry Anonymous' efforts

However, they are sympathizing with the oppressors. Regardless of how 'ethical' their hacks are, their victims are often those acting outside of the boundaries of what we would consider ethical, and we often have no recourse other than a public outcry. Defacing a website is certainly less oppressive than violating our rights to free speech. When there's no justice, the people pick up their pitchforks and torches. Your move, BART.

WSUS: Default settings that I loathe

1. Windows Internal Database installs with the default Memory Allocation setting as 2147483647 MB. I never understood this.

2. IIS logging (in Server 2003) is enabled by default. If you have a busy server, the logs will quickly grow and fill your C: drive.

I am pretty disgusted with AT&T right now

We are moving across town. At our current residence, we have DSL. At our new residence, DSL is not an option due to distance from the CO. Our only option is AT&T U-Verse. I can't get DSL from another vendor, and I will not deal with Comcast. Ever. It's very discouraging to live in the heart of one of the country's mist High-Tech cities, and only have 1 option for internet. Monopoies suck.